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OK, so it's my first post on Pure Content...be easy on me, please...We all know the troubles of the domestic airline industry. Most people would like to say that all airlines are the same. Here's a little food for thought...I recently finished a case analysis on the fastest growing airline in the country...JetBlue Airways. Large, leather seats with personal satellite television. I mean, what could be better than watching Sportscenter at 30,000 feet? Oh yeah, tickets cost the same or less than most coach class tickets on other airlines.

Just a little example of innovation in a pretty uncreative industry....



the writing's on the ceiling

several days ago, NPR reported a quick story about a Gambian man who was living in Germany. he called police one morning to report that his car had been vadalized--it had been painted white. the police investigated and were happy to inform him that his car was merely covered in snow--freshly fallen during the night.

i had a similiar experience recently while visiting Montreal. my wife and i jumped in a cab and soon noticed that there was graffiti covering the interior ceiling of the cab. when asked about the vandalism, the cab driver responded proudly that what we assumed was graffiti was really signatures from professional hockey players. the cab driver was immensely proud of these signatures and went to great lengths to point out some of his favorites.

it was a great example of the significance of the wide range of perspectives, how much they can differ, and how important it is to be aware that there are always new ways of seeing things. (change perspective)


"When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong." — R. Buckminster Fuller, engineer, designer, and architect (1895-1983)


you can't take it with you

What do you give the woman who has it all? Apparently, you give her a "dress rehearsal" for her funeral. While she can enjoy it. Brooke Hayward, who is 65 and healthy — and who intends to stay that way for some time — will be celebrating her life and death, on December 28th, in Venice.

On Dec. 28, Ms. Hayward and her husband, society bandleader Peter Duchin, along with a group of friends, will gather at San Francisco socialite Dodie Rosekrans’ home in the Palazzo Brandolini on Venice’s Grand Canal, where they will partake in what Ms. Hayward is billing as the "dress rehearsal" for her funeral: an hour-long concert of Vivaldi, Monteverdi and even Handel, as performed by the Venice Baroque Orchestra and an opera singer or two. Then Ms. Hayward, who said she is 65 and perfectly healthy, will depart her funeral and go to dinner. "I’m calling this a dress rehearsal because it’s not really a funeral. And it’s not really a dress rehearsal, either, but I don’t know what else to call it," Ms. Hayward told The Transom. "It’s a kind of fake dress rehearsal, because I’ve never had the slightest interest in being buried." Indeed, the Dec. 28 funeral won’t be repeated in earnest somewhere down the line. "When I actually cool, you won’t hear a word," she said. "My intention, as clearly stated in my will, is that I am cremated and my ashes thrown to the four winds. I don’t want any service and I never did." Added the actress and former model: "I want it while I’m alive so it will be fun."

And in case you were wondering, she won't be in a coffin. And, as far as I know, (despite the theme and the location) there will be no readings of Dante. Here's the article.


google viewer

We're visual people. I know, I know. People have different learning styles, and not everyone's visual. But when it comes to searching for things, being able to see what you're looking at is helpful. Google, recognizing this, as developed the Google Viewer.

The Google Viewer displays the pages found as a result of your Google search as a continuous scrolling slide show. You can view your search results without using your keyboard or mouse and you can adjust the speed with which the images move across your screen. Each image of a page's contents is accompanied by a short "snippet" describing that page.

It's a great tool. I think I'll still use normal Google most of the time, but it's good to have this in the toolbox.


Oh, those crazy Hawaiians sure love their Spam. In fact, the McDonald's francises in Hawaii have even tested out some Spam-based breakfast products (http://www.bizjournals.com/pacific/stories/2002/06/10/daily22.html).

Facts: Hawaii has the highest SPAM consumption in the world, with an average of 4 cans per person per year (10,000 cans per day). Favorite snack is spam musubi, which is spam/rice/wrapped in seawood. It can be found at all 7-11's, right by the gum packets on the counter.

-the AlohaBruddah, BDey


help a brother out

Apologies for the quietness as of late. Things have been humming along, what with the creativity training last week (thanks for the good feedback, Mike) and with teammates all over the place (Courtney and Robert are in Mexico right now ... any ideas for things they can do there? arturo? They're with a client in Monterey).

Sean and I are working on revamping the Play website, and we'd love your input. If you haven't been to the Play site before, please go check it out. http://www.lookatmorestuff.com. What would you like to see there? We're going to make it quite minimalist and focused. Are there things that you think it wouldn't be complete without (besides more emphasis on Pure Content, of course)? Comment away. As Robert and Courtney would say, "Muchas gracias."


The other SPAM--Just read this article in Slate about Hormel's Spam. Would like to hear from other Street Team members (and the red rubber ball folks) if they think SPAM can be re-branded? Also....is this culinary treat considered a delicacy in our 50th state? I thought I read it somewhere but I'm unsure where. - - R. Schaffer


I just discovered a cool book, Generation Fix: Young Ideas for a Better World. It "recognizes and celebrates that kids' ideas are powerful enough to change the world in profound ways. These stories represent just a few of the thousands of young people who have taken action to address issues such as hunger, homelessness, violence, discrimination, healthcare, education, and the environment. Kids profiled include Hannah Jukovsky, who at age 9 organized a boycott of a required test in Massachusetts because she thought the test was unfair; Zachary Ebers, who at age 14 collected thousands of boxes of cereal so kids who relied on free breakfasts at school could have something to eat in the summer; and Ann Lai, a 12-year-old who invented a sensor to monitor the sulfur dioxide released from smokestacks, contributing to acid rain." Truly inspiring. --- Michael Humphrey


What an amazing experience! Having just participated in Play's creativity training on Dec. 5-6, I am astounded at how my perception of the world around me has been enriched. Thank you, Play, for the new friendships, the wonderful hospitality, and the powerful permission to think differently! --- Michael Humphrey

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