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And now ... the grand unveiling of what we've been working on. Business Unplugged. At Play, we work with big companies all the time. We wanted to create a product that small businesses and departments-within-large-businesses could take advantage of. And so we created Business Unplugged.

For what it costs to send just one of your people to a single conference, develop your whole team for an entire year. Business Unplugged. From Play.
Imagine a new resource that, after just one hour, allows you to walk away with a perspective that cuts through the clutter and gets honest and real. Every month you'll receive a teleconference, a white paper and access to an online weblog — giving you a practical handle on the business issues that matter, so you can make creatively bold decisions.
Each month Business Unplugged helps individuals become creative catalysts for their organization and helps teams increase innovation performance. Produced in cooperation with members of Play's international community of business professionals and university professors, Business Unplugged redefines the crucial topics of business through the lens of creativity.
what's in it for you?
  • professional development for you and your team
  • online networking with a global network of forward-thinking professionals
  • convenient and coherent distillation of the most critical business issues — 100 proof
  • the unique angle on essential aspects of business to fuel your leadership role
  • a disciplined approach to development that is economical in time and cost
  • inspiration through Play's innovative approach to business

We're really excited about it, and wanted to share it with you. The weblog, by the way, isn't Pure Content. It's a new one, that'll be specific to Business Unplugged. I've been working on the layout. And boy is it going to be sweet. (Speaking of layouts, the layout for the BU site is table-free, and done completely with CSS. It's also valid XHTML, except for a couple of minor tweaks I need to make.)

Anyway, go check out the Business Unplugged site, and sign up.


I don't know if you are much of a dancing fool or not. But thought I would pass along this little demo of self-expression. Get on with your bad-self, i say.


(beware: it is a somewhat large media file. either download from work or from a cable modem).

Can't say I have ever seen anything like it. Aloha.


Embassy Suites Will Foster Creativity to Lure Travelers

If you have a subscription to the Wall Street journal, check out this article about the new "Creativity Suites" at Embassy Suites.

Embassy Suites has dubbed the new rooms Creativity Suites. They are designed, literally, to be inspirational. The showers have grease boards for jotting down brilliant ideas. Guests will find a box with crayons and exercise tapes. The luxury linens are made by Frette of Italy. The sofas in the two-room suites come in sections that can presumably be rearranged into thought-provoking positions.

The idea started about a year ago, when Embassy Suites was doing an audit of its brand prior to its 20th anniversary. The company conducted a study that asked, in part, where people got their best ideas. In the shower, while exercising and while soaking in the tub, came the answers. "Nobody says they get their great ideas in a hotel room," says Mark Snyder, Embassy Suites senior vice president of brand management.

What the article neglects to mention is that Play's own Andy Stefanovich is on the advisory council for the Creativity Suites program, along with other luminaries such as Kevin Carroll (Katalyst at Nike), Jim Geier (product developer at BMW), Richard Florida (author of Rise of the Creative Class), Laura Nowatka (VP at Nickelodeon), and Jason Brett (president of Second City).

The hotel rooms will be available in NYC on Decemebr 6th. Although the rooms are already being built, if you have ideas for future rooms, please post them in the comments section. What would make it a more creative environment for you?


Whistler's Dixie

Dixie has a contest, wherein you can create the "next generation of Dixie plates." I think they're looking for incremental improvements, mainly in decorations on the plate. But who knows maybe they're looking for a breakthrough or a transformational revolution. Here's the site with info about it. That title was courtesy of Geoff, by the way. If you don't get it, think harder. If you get it, groan appropriately.



You've probably noticed that in the last few days, we've been slow on posting to the site. There are reasons for that, which will become clear in the next couple of days. We've got an awesome new service that we're about to launch. Two new services, in fact. The entire team here (except for the quarter of the team that's working on client projects right now) has been hard at work, getting logistics worked out, details ironed out, and making sure that the new products will be strategically on line and creatively brilliant.

We took a short break last Thursday, when Will and Paula of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile came by the Play HQ for a tour of the space. They're the same notorious bunch who got pulled over by the Pentagon back in June. It was a fun visit, especially since I had, at one point, wanted to drive the Wienermobile. In fact, in colege I started a club called the "Future Hotdoggers of America." Although the club never really went anywhere, one of my fondest memories was from Spring Break, when I went to Mardi Gras, met up with my friend Matthew (who did drive the Wienermobile for a year), and riding on top of the Wienermobile during a Mardi Gras parade, passing Wienerwhistles out to the hordes below.

Anyways, enough reminiscing. It was a great visit from Will and Paula, and it's time to get back to work. Keep your eyes open. We're counting down to the launchdate.


How to Think With Your Gut

The November issue of Business 2.0 has a great cover story; How to Think With Your Gut
It has great stories about the birth and ridicule of ideas that led to Starbucks, Fed Ex, and other ideas, "...destined for failure..." Ah, I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning! I think all creatives should look at this story. Every time I get frustrated with folks who say my ideas are stupid, it is good to see stories, like this article, and know I am in good and successful company. Peace.
David Dec

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