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rule #17

everybody plays the fool,
there's no exception to the rule.

- Main Ingredient, from "Bittersweet" album, 1972

what creative papa of a famous actor, drops some vocal science on this song?


inconspicuous consumption

For pure "looking at more stuff and thinking about it harder," check out Inconspicuous Consumption.

What is inconspicuous consumption? It's about deconstructing the details of consumer culture -- details that are either so weird or obscure that we'd never see them, or so ubiquitous that we've essentially stopped seeing them. This can mean anything from a bizarre canned good, like sauerkraut juice, to a beautifully designed light-industrial object that we've always taken for granted, like the Brannock Device (that gizmo they use to measure your shoe size).

Also, if you're into design, check out its root, core77.


just the faq's, ma'am

Sorry for the cheeseball title. Here at Play (lookatmorestuff.com), we're compiling a list of frequently asked questions about our company. If you said to yourself "self, what do you wonder about Play?", what would your self say?

Just to prime the pump:
1. Why the name Play?
2. How long have you been in business?
3. So you’re a marketing/PR/advertising firm?
4. What’s up with the ball?


"There are men and women
who make the world better
just by being who they are."

- John W. Gardner -


Creatively Alone

John W. Gardner said, "One man interacting creatively with others can change the world."
In my personal journey to change the world through adult education, poetry, and training, there are many times of being in a lonely funk. Pure Content is a digital connection to fellow creatives and I honor all of you for that. I wrote this while in one of my latest funks:

Creatively Alone

When they don’t want you to interact
Or discourage you to be passionate
When they are threatened by what you are
Don’t be afraid to live

When creativity is needed most
More than you think it ever was
Think of ways to get things done
Or find other ways to get it out

Don’t take it personally, that’s their job
They are afraid you want them to grow
Their anger comes from fear
Don’t let them bring you down

We honor you for your passion
Your dedication to the cause
Passing on your creativity
Your vision makes us strong

Dave Dec


unanticipated consequences as technology advances

why can't you use the same cellphone as you switch service plans? "the genius of capitalism," you say. well sure, but all those discarded cell phones have to be creating a muck someplace. according to the environmental organization, Inform, those discarded cell phones are causing a serious problem: one that will only get worse if there is no government intervention.

the report says the typical cell phone is used for 18 months before being dropped for a newer model. by 2005, 130 million cellphones will be thrown in the can, creating 65,000 tons of cell phone waste a year. read about it in the NYT

reading about cell phone waste reminded me of a college paper i wrote on the future of the telegram. i looked through my old trapper keeper and found the 3 x 5 in. floppy that had my paper, expertly typed and saved in WordPerfect. having thrown out my 3 x 5 drive, i realized it would be very, very difficult to retrieve my treatise on the telegram. the latest issue of Technology Review reports that my little problem is not so little, in fact it is rather large. data extinction is a problem that grows as rapidly as innovation moves technology forward. the problem is that digital obsolescence makes it difficult to preserve digital things: data, software, pictures, music, etc. much of what has been produced digitally cannot be used and current methods for preserving digital things work poorly.

although cell phone waste and digital obsolescence are two distinct problems, both deal with unintended and unanticipated consequences. call me naive, but why aren't these problems anticipated by those innovative industries who seem to spend so much thinking about the future?


Nike and organic cotton

SportingGoodsBusiness.com has an article released today, stating that Nike's releasing an organic cotton line of clothing. Here's the piece: Nike Makes Commitment To Use Organic Cotton. Although the release is a little one-sided, it's an interesting point, and it's good to see that Nike's working towards some form of sustainability. In fact, the release points you to Nikebiz.com's sustainability page , and notes that Nike has a Global Director of Sustainability. Interesting.

There'll probably be a discussion on this at Metafilter later. If I see it, I'll link to it in the comments.


biz lessons from Ikea

It's been a while since I've posted an article. Found this one in the offline version of Business 2.0, and wanted to share it. How Ikea Designs Its Sexy Price Tags goes over the strategy > creative > tactical development of Ikea's products.

In summary, here's the article:
Step 1. Pick a Price.
Step 2. Choose a Manufacturer
Step 3. Design the Product.
Step 4. Ship It.
Step 5. Sell It.

Sounds a little backwards (at least for steps 1 -3), right? It's proven remarkably effective for Ikea, which had 25.5% sales growth in 2001, as opposed to the comparatively anemic 1.9% growth witnessed in the rest of the furniture industry. The article also offers other insight, such as the reduction by 83% of shipped prodcut volume, attributable to flat shipping containers (and designing products so that they can be easily shipped flat), or such as Ikea's use of expensive hinges and drawer pull assemblies, which give their products a more exclusive / higher-quality feel.

In case you missed the link the first time around, here it is again: How Ikea Designs Its Sexy Price Tags.

who / what / why

At Play we create brands, strategies, new products, and better cultures for Fortune 100 companies. Our formula for creativity: "Look at more stuff. Think about it harder." Pure Content is one place where we do that, daily.

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