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The Spirit @Work

This movement fascinates me. Though I believe the weak economy (Sorry 'W' & WSJ, but it is weak!) will give this movement quite a fight, the wave of corruption in corporate America warrants this movement and all of us to dive in. David Whyte, Lester Brown, and others have been writing about the soul in corporate America. I am looking to take my passions for training, poetry, and the individual contributor’s search for success and apply them to business. This link is a great start to get into this movement of spirituality in the workplace:http://www.bizspirit.com/
Check it out. This fray needs all of us creatives! Peace.

Dave Dec


Birthday Party!!!!
Eek! Quick, on your 15 minute break, while the boss isn't looking (or get the boss to help!) help me brainstorm ideas for a 25th birthday party...(okay, it's MY 25th!). I'll give you a peek into what I'm like:
I wanted to read some of my work to my friends since a lot of them haven't heard me read before and I wanted to serve cocktails and play music and give people things to do (there will be all ages there, all walks of life). I'm making my own hummus and a few other appetizers. I'm really unconventional (for goodness sakes, I'm throwing my own Surprise B-day because I had no idea what we'd be doing) and energetic and I can a group of people to do pretty much anything...So any suggestions would be much appreciated and I will most certainly update with how it went on Monday! Thanks in advance!


client work

So we've been slammed with client work and projects lately, hence the lack of posts. We thought we'd share something fun with you, though. One of our clients and good friends is the team at Turner Classic Movies. Last September 11th, Kat, Andy, Robert, JB and I were down in Atlanta, working with their team. Obviously, when everything happened on 9/11, we finished the session (almost as soon as it began). When we went back (in October or November), we worked with them on a number of projects. One of the ideas we helped them with turned into a commercial for their "31 Days of Oscar" franchise. It features an old folks' home, recreating Rocky.

Maybe you saw the ad back in Feb/March. Being TV-less, though, I didn't see it until just now. They executed the idea remarkably well. You can check out the commercial by going to the TCM website.


You want creative? I gotcher creative right here.

Thinking Big - A Plan for Ground Zero and Beyond -- Wow!!! After the rightfully aborted anemic official first pass at plans for rebuilding Ground Zero, a project involving world-class architects and artists, encouraged by the NY Times Architecture critic Herbert Muschamp, have come up with a real visionary approach. I saw this project featured on the Charlie Rose TV show a couple weeks ago, but the web site describing it, in both visuals and audio interviews is superb. A lot to explore and marvel at. This vision will probably never see the light of day in the physical world, but hopefully it'll influence the eventual effort. Talk about "anything goes!" (Cross-blogged by Frank Patrick here and here.)



And a big Pure Content welcome to Jennifer, from Play's New York office. A master at business strategy and explaining our conceptual models, Jennifer has exploded onto the blogging scene with her first post, which you can read below. Keep an eye out for her. She'll be back with a vengeance.


This quote reminds me of an important learning from Play training -- encouraging risk. /"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." -- Andre Gide./ We all know that's important for innovation but how do we practice it as a leader or teammate? One way I interepreted it was to give permission to our team to let go for a bit, and withold our ideals of having to be perfect, realistic and acceptable, while generating ideas or strategies. How can I encourage others to lose sight of the shore for more vast discoveries? Just say it. If my team knows that for the next hour, anything goes and they have to stop trying to be careful, then they will be accidental and untidy. Sometimes that's exactly what we need so that we don't go in circles navigating the same old idea and if Columbus did that he would kept butting back into home again like a kid with a bucket on his head.


in your own words

congratulations to all of those who participated in Play's September creativity training. there is no better way to describe the energy and breakthroughs of our two days together, than to use your own words:

connections / humor / wolverine / eclectic / challenge / soft / fun / undefined / persistent / passion / teeter-totter / changing / sing / wow / village / ideas / jump / seeker / jam / building / canvas / rising / spirit / enthusiasm / hunger / smile / mullet / dog-nose / trust

Geoff from Play officiating the Kickball Coin Toss between Jeff and Andy.  Geoff is actually 4 feet tall.

we've just begun to play.

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At Play we create brands, strategies, new products, and better cultures for Fortune 100 companies. Our formula for creativity: "Look at more stuff. Think about it harder." Pure Content is one place where we do that, daily.

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