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In John Hiler's article, Blogosphere: The Emerging Media Ecosystem, he notes "Darwin once boiled down natural selection to ten words: 'Multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.' " Intrigued by this quote, I asked the question of some people here at Play: What is Play's ten-word definition? Not all of the responses fit in the ten-word limit, but I figured they were close enough. Here's what I got back:

Play is a consultancy for businesses offering expertise in the creative process.

Through strategic partnerships, Play improves business using creativity.

We're creative consultants that use strategic play to generate ideas.

Radiant people meeting unconventionally to produce extraordinary ideas for everyone.

Applying creativity and innovation to revolutionize businesses and build communities globally.

Changing the global mindset via collaborative creativity and realized innovation.

Share. Inspire. Believe. Collaborate. Create. Innovate. Transform. Revolutionize. Lead. Play.

Collaboratively inspiring and allowing others to fulfill their creative passions.

Knowledge driving creative innovation to transform businesses, communities and mindsets.

Play acheives creative business solutions through a creative thinking process.

We use a more creative process to get a more creative outcome.

We're a corporate think tank for creativity in business.

We can help you change your company. You can help us change the world.


full military honors

I didn't post yesterday, as I was at Arlington Cemetary for the funeral service for Brigadier General James Lawton Collins Jr., my grandfather. Although our relationship wasn't an overly emotional one, I regarded him with tremendous respect. The service was remarkable. It was the most dignified, honorable, and respectful ceremony I've ever witnessed.

A member of West Point's class of 1939, he served in the military for 42 years, including serving at Normandy during WWII, and in Korea and Vietnam. He then became the US Army's Chief of Military History. One of his accomplishments as an historian was the volume "the D-Day Encyclopedia," which is seen as the definitive text on the invasion of Normandy. After retiring from the military in 1982, he became a gentleman farmer, nurturing a vineyard on his 15-acre farm in Middleburg, VA.

He came from a family with a rich military history. Son of Major General James Lawton Collins, nephew of General Joseph "Lightning Joe" Collins, older brother of Air Force pilot and Gemini X Apollo XI (the moon landing) astronaut Michael Collins, and godson of General of the Armies of the United States John J. Pershing. In the Vietnam War, 11 Collins family members served as soldiers and medics.

The funeral itself was remarkably moving, with the 3rd US Infantry (the Old Guard), the caisson with his casket, and the caparisoned horse (riderless with backwards boots in the stirrups), all lending a solemn and ceremonial air to the occasion. The 11 canon blasts and 21 gun salute, followed by "taps" was incredible. Finally, the folding and presentation of the US flag to my grandmother drove me to tears.

Words really can't express how moving the ceremony was. But it was the ultimat tribute to a man who gave so much of his life in service to the US. It showed the full honor and gratitude of a nation.

Thank you, General Collins.


crop circles as a launch technique

Disney is releasing a movie in September, Signs, which features Mel Gibson and his family's response to crop circles in their fields. Sounds like an updated Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Anyway, as part of their launch, they're creating crop circles around the world.

Is it just me, or wasn't the whole crop circle thing revealed years ago? Drunk Brits and a stick and some string? On top of that, wouldn't the movie launch be more effective if they did the crop circles and then revealed the tie-in to the movie?


James Bond's creativity

From "U.S. Intelligence: Shaken, Not Stirred," by Ken Layne:

"Goldfinger's plan failed because a tenacious spy never let up. Bond didn't check with the office. Bond engaged in every kind of insensitive behavior. Instead of waiting for his boss to approve each step of the investigation, he just latched himself onto the Goldfinger machine like a common barnacle and stopped the madness."

"James Bond wouldn't get through the first interview round today — certainly not with the U.S. intelligence agencies. He drinks, smokes, gambles and wantonly disobeys dumb orders. He repeatedly engages in unsafe sex with unsafe women. Yet he beats the super-villains. Why? To use the most foul middle-management term of our era, he thinks outside the box."


world cup / the intersection of uncommon things

I tried posting this about a month ago, and it got fried. So I thought I'd try it again, before this World Cup brouhaha boils over.

Puma has a facinating marketing scheme for their new shoe, the Shudoh (tagline: "the most devastating shoe ever devised"). It's a soccer cleat (Shudoh is Japanese for "the way to become the master of soccer"). Anyway, they're spreading the word about the Shudoh by putting the shoes inside bamboo-and-glass cages in sushi restaraunts all around the world (New York, Madrid, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Amsterdam, ...). Also in the restaurants, customers will find Shudoh-themed soy sauce dishes, chopstick rests, and even a sushi roll created by IRON CHEF Morimoto Masaharu. The name of the sushi roll? The Shudoh (tagline: "the most devastating ball of raw fish ever devised" ... {not really}). There are some accompanying print and tv ads, but the sushi restaraunt partnership is the real kicker (if you'll pardon the stupid pun).

who / what / why

At Play we create brands, strategies, new products, and better cultures for Fortune 100 companies. Our formula for creativity: "Look at more stuff. Think about it harder." Pure Content is one place where we do that, daily.

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