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renaissance over revolution

From Douglas Rushkoff, talking about Micromoments: "Instead of fighting for 'revolution,' the counter-culture might better and more effectively declare the "renaissance" begun. Revolutions always feel to me like circles. A renaissance, on the other hand, is a rebirth of old ideas in a new context."


libraries can be fun after all

This is tremendous. Duke University has an archive of old advertisements, in the Ad*Access program at Duke University. This is a fantastic resource for anyone in business or design. "The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment "Library 2000" Fund, presents images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955." It's got five primary sections: Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II. I know that there are other resources like this out there, but I haven't seen them. You can search and find all kinds of ads, and compare them to today's ads. It's interesting comparing, say, the ad below with an Adidas ad in the recent issue of Wall*paper, which has no words (none) in a four-page spread.

Zenith radio ad


business blogs

Poking around in the Pure Content site visit stats, I found a link from Blog Street. Pure Content has made it into their "A List" of "The Best of the Best Blogs" for Business and Entrepreneuership. Thanks!

Others in that "A List" include Rageboy (Christopher Locke), the Insider's Guide to Davos, Sherpablog, SynapShots, ia/, and, of course, Bizquick.org, which is, I think, my personal favorite. It's nice to be in such good company.

Know any more? Comment away ...


denmark star date 5-24-2002

Bridging the cultural divide; learning what phrases are not universal, learning the perception of americans overseas, learning not every joke in english translates to laughter over here. Biggest insight for the blog- a liquid that fails as a medicine can be turned into an after dinner drink in Aahrus. Biggest challenge for Play teammates is teaching 65 students about creative business design adn showing that a profit is not a bad thing. Capitalism and pigs don't always have to go together.


middle school fires student: dejected teen not "pulling his weight" states management

Of course, this slice of corporate reality is not a piece of our American educational apple pie, but should it be? The thought draws from a recent discussion regarding both the freedoms and responsibilities that "teens" desire in their nitro-fueled race to get to where they're going, even though they might not know where that is. To grow up before their time.

Oh, I'm Geoff, and, as this is my introductory blog, I apologize for my lack of manners.

Imagine this. A school where students are paid to attend. Their performance is monitored not with grades, per say, but by some variation on the more traditional means that govern the "adult" corporate world. Students might be rewarded or recognized for contributions that elevate their school's position within local, regional or national standing. Students might be reprimanded or fired for not contributing to the success of the school. Likewise, a student might be "let go" due to unacceptable comments or behavior (a sexual harrassment suit for example). A student thus expelled would have to assemble his resume, gather references and seek out employment at another institution. Schools would interview students, deciding to accept or reject them as they see fit.

A rough concept, but does the basic idea hold merit? I don't know, but after a decade in the 14 hour workday world, those seemingly curious and unsettlingly carefree days of teenage yore hold just as much romance as the freedoms (and trappings) of adulthood.


thief and doctor

What if we wanted to redesign soap, and we looked at the attributes of something totally non-soap-related ... like ... coffee. What if we had caffeinated soap?! ThinkGeek's got it.

Thanks, Boing Boing


I heart Goole

So I'm surprised that John hasn't posted anything about Google's new developments, as he's the biggest Googlefan I know. But Google's new "Google Labs" and their "Gogle Sets" were touched on both MeFi and Slashdot yesterday. Google Sets allows you to enter two or three terms, and it gives you a whole bunch of related terms. Neat.


on the road again ...

Sean, Andy and I are in NC all day tomorrow, working with a client. Should be good. I've been getting ready for it lately, which is why my posting has lagged. I apologize, and hope to pick it back up upon returning. There are a number of posts to follow up on, including that rough chapter of the book I'm working on. It'll be more like a white paper, so don't worry about it being a ridiculously long post. It's just some work I'm doing on social architecture and designing a creative corporate culture. I'm looking for criticism, comments, and feedback about it. I'll get it up ASAP.


This is a great example of the collective consciousness in work—Michael Copass, chief of emergency medicine at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center received a grant thirty years ago to develop the country’s first mobile response system for medical emergencies—essentially taking the basics of the emergency room to the emergency. Copass found inspiration in three things withing the creative collective conscious 1) helicopters—their speed and ability to vertically land almost anywhere, 2) taking life savings emergency techniques to the emergency (change perspective) and the 3) consequences of tragedies. All inspired Dr. Copass to develop the Medic One. He developed it, and it quickly became a part of the creative collective conscious, becoming a staple for hospitals across the nation. Medic One employs 3,500 firefighters and paramedics and responded to 142,000 calls last year—including one for its founder, Michael Copass who suffered a heart attack. His life was saved by the very contribution he made to the creative collective conscious bring rapid response to the forefront of emergency medical services.


trading spaces

So The Learning Channel's show "Trading Spaces" is apparently more popular than Friends. How great is TLC? And the BBC?

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